Online Nude Pictures and Porn Gifs

The latest trend on social media, chats and messaging apps is nude selfies. People all over the world are taking and sending nude images or sex pics of themselves and sending them to one another. But why are nude selfies so popular? What is the phenomenon that is causing so many people to take nude selfies?The popularity in taking nude selfies was evident even among celebrities. With several famous celebs having their iCloud private accounts hacked, many sex pics and nude selfies of celebrities were posted online. It was during the release of these celebrities nude selfies that people began to notice that even celebs were not immune to the nude selfies mania. The release of the hacked celebrity sex pics showed that they are just like us.

Recent studies show that 1 out of every 5 Americans have received a nude photo. The research by Pew Center also showed that 44% of teens admit to sending sexting messages. Sexting are sexually explicit messages sent via chats. The numbers have risen quite dramatically from a few years ago. More and more people are now sending each other sex pics, porn GIFS images and sexually explicit material.

The rise or popularity in nude selfies has several factors that contribute to it. For one, most mobile devices today come fully equipped with high quality cameras. It is very easy for anyone to take a photo of themselves in the privacy of their home or anywhere they wish. There is also an increase in messaging apps and social media sites. Once people begin to feel comfortable with others they are chatting with, the flirting begins. That soon turns to sexting and then request for nude photos or sex pics from one another follows. That is why so many sex pics and porn GIFS images of amateur teens or regular people can be found on the internet.

Whenever someone sends out their nude selfies to another person, the receiver can share that image on websites. They can also make animated porn GIF images out of the free sex pictures. What this has done is caused others to want to be popular. Teenagers or anyone looking for attention will not think twice about sending out their nude selfies or sex pictures to others. In their minds they may know that the sex pics will ultimately wind up online somewhere. In a twisted way, the person may feel that having his or her nude photos online makes them popular or well-known.

Another factor to consider about nude selfies is the star effect. With so many famous celebrities taking to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to post their nude selfies, others are inclined to follow. People tend to copy what they see someone they admire or like do. If celebrities are posting sexy and racy photos of themselves online, why shouldn’t they too? One celebrity which has made millions out of posting nude selfies or hot and sexy pictures online is Kim Kardashian. Since there is already a celebrity sex tape about her on the internet where she is having sex with her ex-boyfriend, what else can she not show? Anyone who wants to see Kim Kardashian naked or a Kim Kardashian porn GIF, can do so easily. There are millions of porn GIF images of the reality TV queen online.

Other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Kat Dennings and hundreds more have nude selfies of themselves on the web. While some did not post the sex pics themselves, others did. A few of the celebrities had their private nude photos leaked to the media and online. That was not their fault since they never approved it. However, many other stars have voluntarily posted naked images of themselves on social media sites. This trend by famous people only serves to make the entire nude selfie taking trend seem normal. What a vast majority may have considered to be shocking just a few years ago, now do not. Once something begins to happen so often, people become accustomed to it. Not only that, they even do it themselves. The rise in animated porn GIFS from sex pics and selfies will continue to grow. A higher number of users will keep taking sex pics and telling stories while the other part will make porn GIF images out of them. It is a process and cycle which helps to make taking nude selfies more popular than pornography.