The Best Ass Slapping GIFS

The first thing that comes to mind when you see someone with a hot and sexy ass, is to slap it. Ass slapping has been going on since the beginning of time. Everyone takes joy in slapping another person’s rear end. Especially when the other person has a supple, round and sensuous butt. The best ass slapping GIFS online can be found easily. That’s because when it comes to a butt slap, you get millions of results. There are cartoon butt slaps which are cute and funny. But, there are also porn GIFS which involve some serious butt slapping. These happen when people have sex and do it doggy style or on top.One of the best animated gifs to view when it comes to butts being slapped, are of hot girls. Nothing could be better than watching a sensuous and hot girl with a perfect ass, getting it slapped. Keep in mind that the slaps don’t have to be hard. In reality, butt slaps should be done gently and with tenderness. Especially if the other person is a female who does not like it rough. At the same time, there are moments when the butt slapping has to be taken to another level.

When people are having sex, some enjoy getting their asses being slapped. Not only that, they want it done hard. Yet not all butt slaps are that way. In several animated GIFS found online, there were some girl on girl butt slaps worth looking at. These showed one sexy and beautiful girl, slapping the butt of another. The butt in question though, always turns out to be perfectly round, huge or sumptuous.

No matter what type of animated ass slapping GIF you are looking for, there are millions for you to enjoy viewing.

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